Recruiting and motivating members


The heart of any association is its membership – but how best to recruit and keep members? Before anything else, potential recruits need to see the benefits of joining your association.

  • Stay visible – it’s not expensive, and it’s easy to do. Networking is key, so cover as many social media platforms as you can. Specific campaigns can also be very useful – the Polish Association STL boosted recruitment by posting short weekly YouTube videos on YouTube in which members spoke about the social and community advantages of the association
  • It’s vital to bring new translators into the mix – the UK Translators Association has received a massive boost from the energy of the Emerging Translators Network, which provides an email discussion group for early-career translators, swapping tips and resources and posting details of translation-related events.
Stay active and keep reaching out to potential new members.

Check out some of these success stories:

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