About this site

The site stems from the work done in the CEATL’s Best Practice Work Group, chaired by Laura Cangemi (STRADE), in the years 2014–2016. It also draws on the SWOT analysis that all participating associations had to carry out in preparation for the CEATL Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 2017. It seemed a natural step to structure and share the gathered information in an accessible format, based on the associations’ experience and development.
The examples presented on this site are for the greater part mined from the associations’ annual reports and from the “good vibes sessions” carried out at CEATL’s AGMs – informal presentations of challenges, issues & shortcomings overcome by associations throughout the year or, on the contrary, projects, consolidations, partnerships successfully developed or implemented.

The constant communication and sharing fostered by CEATL continue to be a source of inspiration, solidarity and recharge for the participating associations and, at the same time, a source for constantly updating the CEATL Companion for Literary Translators’ Associations with subjects and concrete examples adapted to the times we are living.

Swot2 foto Lara Holbling
SWOT analysis results displayed on clothes line.

Those who have participated in the work so far are (in alphabetical order):

  • Lavinia Braniște, ARTLIT (Romania)
  • Iztok Ilc, DSKP (Slovenia)
  • Kalina Janeva, MATA (Macedonia)
  • Ika Kaminka, NO (Norway)
  • Francesca Novajra, AITI (Italy)
  • Simina Popa, ARTLIT (Romania)
  • Eva Valvo, STRADE (Italy)
  • Ela Varošanec, DHKP (Croatia)
  • Shaun Whiteside, TA (United Kingdom)
  • Mascha Dabic, IGUU (Austria)

Most of the photos used as illustrations on this site are entries to the two photo contests organised by CEATL in 2015 and 2016 respectively, “Translation, Everywhere” and “The Face of Translation”.