A translator is almost by definition a “hidden author”, too often disregarded and consequently vexed by low fees, unfair contracts and the like. So, increasing translators’ visibility can be crucial to help your association have a better impact in different areas, i.e. recruiting members, fundraising, public relations, and campaigning for better working conditions.

  • While working to increase visibility, though, be careful not to sound as an ever complaining victim: try to be positive and constructive.
  • Show a different insight on the role of translators and substitute the cliché image of the lonely aloof translator with demonstrations that we are a community of passionate people, with many occasions to meet.
  • Organise interesting activities such as translation slams or other fun events that can attract fellow translators, a general audience and the attention of the press.
  • Be creative with your campaigns; whenever possible, piggyback the popularity of famous authors when they publicly talk about their translators.
  • Keep track of your events and activities through newsletters, magazines, and press releases; for special events or important campaigns you might try to reach out to the press by hiring a press officer. Remember to refer to the CEATL’s newsletter and the e-zine Counterpoint, both freely available in English and French.
  • Update your website on a regular basis and make good use of social networks.
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