Public support

Associations can apply for public support either in order to cover running costs or more commonly to finance specific projects. Running costs are generally more difficult to finance but they can be included as a small percentage in the project budget.


When thinking of international funding, the most obvious option is the EU programme named Creative Europe. It may be useful to contact the relevant EU office in your home country.

But there are other options that are worth exploring, like State institutions for promotion of arts and literature, foreign cultural institutes (i.e. the Goethe-Institut, the Balassi Institute in Hungary or the Institut Français) or foreign embassies in your country. Some of these may have specific funds allocated to translators’ networking and training projects (i.e. the Danish Arts Foundation or the Swedish Arts Council). Remember to follow the newsletters of relevant institutes and embassies, in order to be updated on deadlines, calls for applications or info days


When looking for funds in your own country, you may start checking the Ministry of Culture or any other ministry covering the fields of arts, culture and labour. In addition, there may be other funding sources like State institutions for promotion of arts and literature (i.e. Pro Helvetia or KulturKontakt Austria) or national book agencies (i.e. the Slovenian Book Agency or the Centre National du Livre in France).

Regional, local

Many municipalities and regions offer support for the cultural activities. Check out the guidelines if your organization can fit into any of the schemes. Direct supports of the associations are rare, but it is worth trying if you can get at least partial financing for your programmes.