Tips and Tools

elefant med bildekk

  • Present your case

Be concise, straight to the point, positive, assertive. Have a written presentation ready. One page only! NEVER MORE THAN ONE PAGE, NO MATTER HOW COMPLEX THE ISSUE IS. Remember, politicians are busy people. You might very well have additional information at hand, but you should always have the one page to give to whoever you are talking to.

  • Find the right people

Most translators are not comfortable talking to strangers, but some are really gifted. Make sure you manage to find the right person to talk on your behalf – someone confident, charming, convincing.

  • Prepare your elevator pitch

What if you are in stuck in the lift with the minister of culture? Or someone with the power to change your associations life. You have 30 seconds to present your cause. Choose one topic. Know what to say. Catch their interest. Rehearse. And rehearse again.

Know what to say. Rehearse. And rehearse again.

  • Keep up momentum!

Don’t lose faith, but be prepared that the next generation translators might be the ones benefiting from your efforts, not you. It takes time to change the world.