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Video: The Good, The Bad, The Translator

The Good, The Bad, The Translator is a short video filmed on the occasion of a panel discussion on the role of translators in (world) literature. As we wanted to make something different from the usual “translators are praising themselves constantly repeating why their role is crucial in creating a corpus of world literature and why good translation is important”, we invited several eminent writers to say what they think about translators and translating their works, and what translated literature generally brings and means to them. The following Croatian writers translated in other languages participated in the project: Miro Gavran, Ivica Prtenjača, Kristijan Novak, Ivana Bodrožić, Monika Herceg, Asja Bakić, Drago Glamuzina and Zoran Ferić. The result is a short, 4-minute-long mosaic that you can see on our Youtube channel:


  • select the people in charge of the coordination and production (1 person), cameraman (1 person) and editor (1 person – in our case, the cameraman did also the editing)
  • contact and invite the writers
  • organize the filming and setting
  • filming and editing

Budget: 1.955,00 euros (filming and translation/subtitles)

Film about literary translators: Infinite Translation

Infinite Translation 1 & 2 are two videos filmed 15 years apart. The idea was to create a mosaic of short monologues/conversations with members of the Croatian Literary Translators Association – the main goal was to present the individual realities of being a literary translator in Croatia. The translators were asked to talk about the tools and technologies they use, time management, negotiation with publishers, work-life balance (especially during the pandemic), valuable advice and anecdotes. It was interesting to see how the job changed in the course of 15 years, especially from the perspective of those who participated in both videos.

– select the people in charge of the coordination and production (2 people), cameraman (1 person) and editor (1 person)
– devise a detailed plan (timeline, deadlines etc.). It took us three to four months from the initial idea to completion.
– send out an open call to all members
– contact those who responded (we had 15 interested translators, so we limited the videos to 5 minutes per person), send them a list of questions/topics they can choose from when planning their talk.
– organize the filming. Some translators, for health and distance reasons, chose to record themselves via Zoom, and some were filmed by our cameraman.
– filming and editing. Tip: try to keep the original videos as short as possible,  otherwise you will have a hard time leaving out some great material 🙂

The final product looks like this: