Evaluating translation skills – The Petra-E Framework (SUCCESS STORY)

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The PETRA-E  Framework of Reference for lifelong education in Literary Translation is a tool which has been developed to map the competences of literary translators and levels in the acquisition of those competences. It is based on the pactical experiences of translators and trainers and has been developed for teaching and learning purposes. I aims to help teachers and institutes to create tools and programmes to acquire these competences. For students, the Framework helps to detect ‘gaps’ in their training and education.

The Framework consists of five levels (from breakthrough to expert) and eight competences (translating, linguistic, textual, heuristic, literary-cultural, professional, evaluative and research ones) all of which are described in some detail. To each level a certain mastery of each competence is assumed.

The Framework is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Petra-E: (Platforme européenne pour la traduction littéraire – Education)

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