A New Consultancy Programme for Literary Translators Working with Catalan (SUCCESS STORY)

The Association of Catalan Language Writers (AELC), in collaboration with the Ramon Lull Institute, has inaugurated a new innovative consultancy programme that will match literary translators working in the same language pair, one of which is Catalan, with the aim of improving the quality of translations from Catalan in other languages and vice versa.

Participants will benefit from the insight and the expertise of a peer and qualified native speaker of their source language throughout their work on their translation project. In addition, the programme seeks to build an international network of professional translators working with Catalan.

The hope is that this new experimental scheme will be picked up by other cultural institutions that support literary translations, helping not just improving the quality of translated literature but also develop collaborative communities of literary translators. 

For more information on the programme itself, as well as on how to apply, please visit: 

https://www.escriptors.cat/noticia/projecte-consultoria-traductors and


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